Do we see changes in the Economy Or should ESG Investment and Accounting change?

ESG investment is growing exponentially. Investors are tilting their portfolios away from polluting companies. Yet, many of the companies divested from portfolios are purchased by Private Equity. Changes in the Board of Exxon Mobile are portrayed as a win of David over Goliath, but would this have happened, had Exxon’s financial performance been satisfactory?

–               What is the role of the current accounting system and how is it changing? We will have updates directly from IFRS

–               What does the early implementation of SFDR show us? 

–               Is the pressure from Investors strong enough to make know to the directors that today’s companies operate in a resource-deprived world and not taking this into account means failing their duty of care? 

–               Does engagement deliver expected results, and how do we measure it?

–               Does exponential growth in ESG investment bring us closer to delivering on SDGs?

–               Is ESG reflected in Credit Ratings? 

We will explore these and many more questions with or esteemed panel: 

Lee White – Executive Director – The International Financial Reporting Standards Foundation (IFRS)

Michael Lewis – Managing Director, Head of ESG research – DWS

James Alexander – CEO – UKSIF

Rahul Ghosh – MD, ESG outreach and Research, Moody’s ESG Solutions

Claire Herbert – Associate Investment Director – Schroders

Moderated by Dana Hanby – Managing Director – ESG Nexus

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